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A genuine person who becomes a realtor can be an integral part of a family and community

I want to start by saying that I am very biased, as I have been working as a Realtor for over 13 years.
With that being said, I have met some of the most selfless, giving men and women whom are realtors, and I have met and worked with some of the ones who give our industry a poor reputation.
To that point, I believe that the realtor industry is a microcosm of the world; some give unconditionally to help and serve, some give to receive, and some take as often as they are able; almost like an addiction.
So, why is the average Realtor not trusted? Well, first of all, we get compensated when you buy something; not necessarily when we help you. Secondly, many are attracted to the “flexible” hours, and “easy” money; not that this business is flexible or easy by any means, or that flexibility; also known as a lack of standards or balance at times, and ease, are always attractive and positive traits. And yet, this is who our industry often attracts. And last but not least, we show up too often in life as our occupation; with this industry being salespeople.
I am a husband and a father; a friend, and a failure; a neighbor and a bystander; a volunteer and a son. When I look at myself in this light, my only option is to serve unconditionally.  It is no longer to sell; only to serve, and I hope for the same for all realtors;
In any case, we can’t go down to our lowest common denominator, follow our weakest link, or give up.  A man or woman who truly treats their client like a neighbor, friend, or family member, and who values the relationship being built will understand the brevity of the transaction in front of them, and he/she will serve unconditionally. Marriages have been saved and broken, lives have been helped, and others lost. This is not only the largest financial decision most will ever make, it is one of the most stressful and memorable times in most people’s lives.
Now, you may be reading this and chuckling; thinking that this Realtor is just giving himself and his industry undue credit, and too much of it, and that’s not the case. What I am hoping to accomplish is to apologize to all of those in the world who have had their lives turned upside down by a real estate transaction gone south, thank those who have entrusted a Realtor in such a sensitive time in your life, and hopefully, remind each and every current and future real estate agent that we have a privilege and a responsibility to be a real friend, and the expert; always staying present in the lives of our clients.
Thank you for reading,
-David Hoffman

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